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December 2015

Elections to Watch in 2016

Elections are markers of political development and social change. Given the stakes involved, elections are often very consequential and have long-lasting significance. When conducted efficiently and administered well, they demonstrate the power of the vote and provide a basis for accountable governance. When elections go badly, they foment distrust, disorder and conflict. Every election in any country is important in its own right, yet from a global perspective certain elections each year hold greater significance or influence. The elections discussed in this article demand close watching in 2016.


A Vote for Every Voice in 2015: IFES’ Year in Review

For nearly three decades, IFES has been at the forefront of promoting democracy, compelled by a vision of a world in which strong democratic institutions empower citizens to have a voice in the way they are governed. In countries like Nigeria and Myanmar, our programming in 2015 contributed to historic democratic elections. Beyond our global involvement in important democratic and electoral processes, IFES had a very productive year full of change, as we moved to a new office, revamped IFES.org and increased our engagement on Capitol Hill.

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Crisis in Syria: Now is the Time to Seek Male Allies for Leadership Equality

The crisis in Syria is a hardship for men, women, boys and girls who struggle to subsist amid a brutal conflict with widespread and indiscriminate violence. With support from the U.S. Agency for International Development, IFES is developing a systematic approach for engaging men to support women in leadership and decision-making roles in political and electoral processes. On November 10, an IFES delegation traveled to Gaziantep, Turkey to meet with Syrians to discuss male allies for leadership equality. For a report on the findings, read this article.

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Partnering with Myanmar’s Civil Society to Build Democracy

In young and developing democracies, the active participation of civil society organizations (CSOs) is vital to ensuring that the voices of all stakeholders throughout society are heard and the rights of all citizens are promoted and protected. Since 2012, IFES has partnered with 17 CSOs throughout Myanmar to prepare for the 2015 general elections and strengthen electoral and democratic processes. These partnerships have addressed many important political and human rights issues, such as inclusion of persons with disabilities, women’s empowerment, youth engagement, and civic and voter education.

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Notes on Democracy

An image of two Fulani women patiently queueing to register to vote in Nigeria’s 2015 historic elections received top honors in IFES’ 2015 Photography Contest. IFES selected six photographs of elections and other civic activities as finalists in the democracy-themed contest. Nena Lukin won both the Grand Prize, selected by a panel of professional photographers, and IFES Choice Award, selected by IFES staff, with the photograph “Fulani Women Queuing,” which depicts two generations of Fulani women waiting in line to cast their ballots.

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A Look at Burkina Faso’s November General Elections Blurb: On November 29, citizens of Burkina Faso headed to the polls to elect their next President and Deputies who will represent them in the National Assembly. These elections were originally scheduled for October 11, 2015, but were postponed until November 29 due to a coup d’état on September 17. IFES worked closely with the National Independent Electoral Commission of Burkina Faso as it prepared for these pivotal elections.

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