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February 2016

Elections in Iran: 2016 Majlis and Assembly of Experts Elections

On February 26, Iranians will vote for the 290-member Islamic Consultative Assembly (Iran’s Parliament, also known as the Majlis) and the 88-member Assembly of Experts. The Majlis and the Assembly of Experts play a role in selecting the individuals who serve in the country’s non-elected positions with the greatest religious and political authority – the Supreme Leader of Iran and the Guardian Council. To help you understand this important electoral process, IFES provides Frequently Asked Questions on these elections.


Factsheet on Electoral Provisions in Nepal’s New Constitution

On September 20, 2015, Nepal’s Constituent Assembly approved a new constitution, transitioning Nepal to a Federal Democratic Republic divided into seven provinces. IFES has developed a factsheet to provide an overview of how the new constitution will affect Nepal’s electoral process, including explanations of the electoral systems to be used for different elected bodies and positions, provisions to ensure representation of women and other marginalized groups, and guidelines on the delimitation of electoral constituencies.

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Gender Equality in the Electoral Process in Sri Lanka

IFES recently conducted an Electoral Integrity Assessment in Sri Lanka, which noted that while women’s participation in Sri Lanka’s democratic process as voters and poll workers is high, women remain underrepresented as candidates, elected representatives, and high-level election administrators. Recognizing the critical role that women play in enhancing sustainable electoral processes, IFES is providing the newly-formed Election Commission and civil society with the technical support needed to promote women’s rights and gender equality at all stages of the electoral process.

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Election Management Bodies Conference in Georgia Focuses on Electoral Integrity

From February 17-18, the Central Election Commission of Georgia and the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies hosted the sixth Annual Meeting of Election Management Bodies at Lopota Lake in Kakheti, Georgia, with organizational support from IFES. The event focused on the critical theme of “Electoral Integrity” and provided an opportunity for elections professionals and experts from different backgrounds and electoral contexts to discuss their own experiences and best practices for the deterrence and mitigation of election fraud, malpractice and systematic manipulation.

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Notes on Democracy

Nominations for the international recipient of the 2016 Charles T. Manatt Democracy Awards are now open! The nomination process is open until April 15, 2016. To learn more about the award and nominate a noteworthy individual, please click the link below.

Michael Maley, a distinguished election management expert who previously served as Director of International Services at the Australian Electoral Commission and supported numerous elections worldwide, was awarded the 2015 Joe C. Baxter Award in Canberra, Australia. To read his remarks from the award ceremony, please click the link below.

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In light of the lively debate surrounding electoral systems in Ukraine, particularly after the 2015 local elections, IFES organized a series of events from February 2-4, in cooperation with the Venice Commission, titled “Electoral System Week,” which included workshops for electoral systems experts and on gender and election systems. The capstone of the week was national roundtable on electoral system design, followed by an open lecture on electoral system design for Ukraine. This photo gallery captures the highlights of the week.

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IFES seeks an experienced and motivated individual for a Senior Technical Electoral Specialist position in Haiti. We are also accepting applications for a Senior Program Officer for Africa.

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