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June 2017

Hack4Democracy Supports Youth Civic Engagement in Tunisia

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Tunisian youth played a significant role in the lead up to the 2011 revolution. Despite being at the forefront, many young Tunisians now feel that the gains of the revolution were stolen from them, with the older generation benefitting while youth remain politically and economically marginalized. IFES and the Tunisian Youth Forum are working to transform Tunisian youth’s online engagement into active civic engagement through an innovative new initiative called Hack4Democracy camps.


New Electoral Governance and Reforms Project in Guatemala

Over the past two years, Guatemalans have made unprecedented advances in strengthening their country’s democracy and engaging in political life. To support implementation of the Law on Political Parties, IFES will work hand-in-glove with Guatemala's Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE). This legislation puts in place landmark reforms that seek to increase accountability, enhance the transparency and inclusivity of the electoral system, and expand the TSE’s mandate as a political finance regulator.

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Podcast: Promoting Democracy in Uncertain Times

In this edition of IFES’ "Dialogues on Democracy," Editorial and Communications Manager Adam Gallagher speaks with Vice President of Programs Michael Svetlik about the challenges facing democracy promotion, its role in U.S. foreign policy and the inextricable connection between hard power and soft power.  

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Expanding Disability Inclusion in Kenya

Learn how IFES is working with key electoral stakeholders in Kenya, including the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, election observers and disabled people’s organizations, to increase the accessibility of the upcoming August polls.

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Why an Intersectional Approach to Gender Quotas is a Must: An Example from Nepal

IFES recently conducted a Violence Against Women in Elections (VAWIE) Assessment in Nepal to analyze the potential challenges that create and exacerbate incidents of violence against women in elections, including the local-level elections in May and June. Intersectionality surfaced during discussions about the status of women, and its challenges surfaced in discussions on gender quotas.

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Notes on Democracy

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IFES is turning 30 this year and we invite you to celebrate our anniversary! Read and share our success stories on our youth engagement work with Ramini Matcharashvili, who attended IFES’ “Democracy and Citizenship” course at his university in Georgia, which led him to advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities; with Venezuelan opposition leader Maria Corina Machado, the international recipient of IFES’ 2014 Charles T. Manatt Democracy Awards; and on the Disability Inclusive Voter Education (DIVE) “app,” which was developed by IFES Pakistan’s partner the Special Talent Exchange Program and provides information to enable persons with disabilities to learn about their rights. Each month we will publish new stories illustrating the positive impact of IFES’ work around the world.

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